Van Diemen’s Band is raising money to buy an all important instrument, an Italian style harpsichord. If you would like to contribute to the purchase of this instrument we would be very grateful!

For a tax-deductible gift to Van Diemen’s Band of $300 for one of the instrument’s 53 notes (or keys, as in keyboard) you will be recorded as a Key Donor. And for $3,500, you (or your consortium of friends) can be an Octave Donor for everything that Julie Andrews sang about in Do-Re-Mi, with the black notes in between – twelve notes in all.

Make sure you specify that your donation is intended towards the ‘Harpsichord Appeal’ by making reference to it in the transfer or by sending us an email on info@vandiemensband.com.au

Individual donations bring our programs to life. Van Diemen’s Band is dedicated to the historically informed performance of music from the 17th and 18th centuries. As a small independent arts company, we rely upon the generosity of your support.

Thank you, your gift will ensure we continue to keep Van Diemen’s Band on the stage.

Donations to Van Diemen’s Band are tax deductible and can be made via direct deposit from your bank account into:

Van Diemen’s Band Public Fund
BSB: 037 001
Acc No: 704674

Cheque to: Van Diemen’s Band Public Fund
Postal address: 17 Clegg Rd, Fern Tree, TAS 7054

Van Diemen’s Band Committee:
Christopher Lawrence (President)
Julia Fredersdorff (Vice President)
Stephen Block (Treasurer)
John Upcher (Secretary & Public Officer)
Sam Cairnduff
Robert Gibson