Van Diemen’s Band would like to thank the many individuals whose generosity assists us with concerts, touring, recording and education projects. Should you wish to show your support, click here to find out more. We’d love to include you among our Patrons and Donors.

Graeme Wood Foundation
Guy Bannink and Karen McGraith
Chrissie Berryman
John and Marilyn Canterford
Denise Chapman
Heather Cole
David Day
John Dickens and Ian Payne
Ian Dickson and Reg Holloway
Robert Gibson
Martyn Goddard and Barry Scott
Duncan Grant and Ray Ali
Hugh Hallard
Falk Hannemann
Christopher Johnson and Robyn Montgomery
Charles Kiefel AM
Jill Mure
Mary and Saxby Pridmore
Elaine Rushbrooke and Ray Joyce
Harley Russell
Caroline Sharpen
Frances Underwood
Unicor Instruments
John Upcher
Anonymous x 6


Annick Ansselin & David F Davey
Natasha Borecky
Margot Breidahl
Erica Burgess
Victoria Burley
Peter Fay and Robin Evans
Trevor & Judy Grant
Julie Hawkins
Don Hempton
Lindy Hume
Marie Keane
Gail and Brian Links
Enid Meldrum
Wendy McLeod
Vincent Nolan
Scott Parkes
Glenda Paton
Evan Petrelis
John Pugsley
Susie Riddoch
Estelle Ross
Harley Russell
Liz Ruthven
Helen Simmons
Damian and Virginia Stevens
Lisa Singh
Janet Tierney
Veronika Vincze
Margaret Williams
Eric Yeo
6 x Anonymous


Van Diemen’s Band would like to thank the following people for their in-kind support and invaluable help:

Stephen Block
Catherine Jones
Chrissie Berryman
Giulia Panzeri
Anna Cerneaz
Lizzy Welsh
Robert Gibson
Dr Rosalind Halton
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Dr David Irving
Sam Cairnduff
Rob Dyball
Caterina Collier
Russell Kenery
Christopher Lawrence
Dr Marie-Louise Catsalis

Andrew Nolan
John McCallum
Rod Collins
Veronika Vincze
Ray Joyce
Garry Billing
Elaine Rushbrooke
Anna Bateman
Ciara Nicholls
Hugh Hamilton
Caroline Sharpen
Simon Rogers
Graeme Wood
Robin Hodgson

Thank you to all who donated to our Pozible campaign.