2021 Concert Series


State regional tour to Hobart, St Helens, Launceston, Scottsdale, Burnie, and Tullah*

Van Diemen’s Band hits the road for the first time since 2019, showcasing the music of Antonio Vivaldi! Audiences in regional Tasmania will be treated to a selection of concertos from Vivaldi’s celebrated L’estro armonico, a collection which dazzled 18th-century Europe and continues to hold listeners spellbound today.

* Please note, our planned Zeehan concert at the Gaiety Theatre will now be held at Tullah Lakeside Lodge due to urgent repairs being made to the theatre. We hope to return to the Gaiety Theatre on another occasion.

7pm, Thursday 24 June 2021
Hobart Town Hall
Tickets: $20 | $42 | $50 | $60
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6pm, Friday 25 June 2021
Portland Memorial Hall, St Helens
Tickets: $10 | $30 | $35
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6pm, Saturday 26 June 2021
Theatre North at the Princess, Launceston
Tickets: $20 | $42 | $50 | $60
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3pm, Sunday 27 June 2021
Mechanics’ Institute Hall, Scottsdale
Tickets: $10 | $30 | $35
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6pm, Monday 28 June 2021
Uniting Church, Burnie
Tickets: $10 | $30 | $35
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6pm, Tuesday 29 June 2021
Tullah Lakeside Lodge, Tullah
Tickets: $10 | $30 | $35
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State regional tour to Franklin, St Helens, Scottsdale, Latrobe, Stanley & Queenstown

One tour isn’t enough! Van Diemen’s Band hits the road again in October for its  second regional tour of 2021. VDB explores seventeenth-century music of Bohemia in a program featuring the wildly innovative baroque composer Heinrich Biber and lesser known composers, Pezel & Weichlein, taking music to a new world of experimentation. With the magical tones of a consort of violins, violas da gamba and theorbo, this program will transport you with its enormously rich and engaging repertoire including the famous Canon by Pachelbel.

6pm, Friday 22 October 2021
Palais Theatre, Franklin 

6pm, Saturday 23 October 2021
Portland Memorial Hall, St Helens

3pm, Sunday 24 October 2021
Mechanic Institutes Hall, Scottsdale 

6pm, Monday 25 October 2021
Latrobe Memorial Hall, Latrobe 

6pm, Tuesday 26 October 2021
Town Hall, Stanley 

6pm, Wednesday 27 October 2021
The Paragon, Queenstown



VDB Christmas concerts return featuring some of the most gorgeous Christmas music from throughout the ages, with your best-loved Christmas carols in a family-friendly celebration.

6pm, Thursday 16 December 2021
Town Hall, Cygnet 

6pm, Friday 17 December 2021
St David’s Cathedral, Hobart 

2pm, Saturday 18 December 2021
The Holy Trinity Church, Launceston 

3pm Sunday 19 December 2021
Spring Bay Mill, Triabunna