Van Diemen’s Fiddles

A Tassie trio of femme fiddlers combing the exceptional talents of Van Diemen’s Band artistic director Julia Fredersdorff on baroque violin, Klezmer and folk fiddler Rachel Meyers, and Classical/folk/experimental violinist Emily Sheppard.

The following three videos are from Whispering Walls, created by Van Diemen’s Fiddles for Ten Days on the Island Festival. Recorded LIVE at Portland Memorial Hall, St Helens, March 2021.

Van Diemen’s Band presents Gordon Street Medley.
Van Diemen’s Band presents Scarborough Fair.
Van Diemen’s Band presents WindTides by Emily Sheppard (2020) I: Foam II: Storm Dance.

Four Winds Festival
Friday 15 April 2022, 8.00 – 9.30pm
Windsong Pavilion, Bermagui

Van Diemen’s Fiddles are joined in their Four Winds set by piano accordian maestro, Dave McNamara. This virtuosic group will delight and move you with buoyant and nostalgic folk tunes from around the world, travelling from Scotland, Ireland, England and Denmark, through Turkey and beyond. Their eclectic and evocative program features original arrangements of Hildegard von Bingen, Klezmer tunes, contemporary originals and more!

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