Whispering Walls Project

If you could share just one story about what this place has seen, what would it be?


WHISPERING WALLS is a listening experience acknowledging the diverse stories that make StHelens and surrounds unique. All stories about local people, places or things are welcome. We will try to incorporate as many contributions in the soundtrack as possible.


STEP 1: Find a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted for a few minutes. Bring your smartphone or other recording device and get comfortable.

STEP 2: Record your message on your phone or recording device, upload  the file and complete the form.

STEP 3: Starting with the words “This place…”, record a short story about something that this place has seen … perhaps something you’ve heard about, or a story you were a part of. It doesn’t have to be about a well known person, place or thing – we are just as interested in the small things as we are in the big! Your story can be recent or historical, funny or serious. Please don’t use real names when speaking about others – think of an alias. Try to speak clearly. Recordings should be 3 minutes max but can be shorter. All ages welcome, families can participate together.

Please include contact details and advise if you’d like to remain anonymous. All contributors will be notified if their story has been used in the audio walk.

Whispering Walls Project

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